Five Guys Upsets In N Out!?!

This is kind of a shocker. A Hamburger Today is having a NCAA style burger tourney and Five Guys just defeated In N Out Burger in the quarters. We’re torn between thinking that’s completely insane, and having a little pride in the chain that actually serves burgers in Midtown.  Maybe this is just the motivation In N Out needs to expand to the East Coast…


  • Screw that! Come on Whataburger!!!

  • 5 Guys gets DQ’d for overcooking, something that In & Out almost never does

    Even Fatburger would kick 5 Guys’ ass (all 5 of them)

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    I think Whataburger should easily rule the day on this one. Although none of these places could dust the boots of a nice Chik-fil-A sandwich

    • Damn right! Whataburger is going to rule this one simply because my local one used to put anything I requested on top of a nice sizable patty, including everything from fritos to jalapeños to bbq sauce. I remember taking trips to Corpus Christi and getting a couple of burgers to eat on the beach. My mouth is just watering thinking about that.

  • Oh, my GAWD! Another ‘MY Hamburger is better than YOUR Hamburger’ fight!

    MY squashed Hamburger ‘meat’ is better than YOUR patty Hamburger ‘meat’!

    MY Hamburger ‘bun’ is better than YOUR Hamburger ‘bun’!

    MY meat comes from ‘LaFrito’ — YOUR meat sucks!

    MY Hamburger blog is the best on the planet — YOUR Hamburger blog is stupid!

    I know a good Hamburger when I eat it (because I am from England) — YOU don’t know shit about Hamburgers!

    ———- ad infinitum.

    And, WHY on Earth would NORMAL people, who eat REAL food care?

    Carrion, please.

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    This is completely unacceptable. I demand a recount/revote. I also agree with Wayne, fatburger does a better job than Five Guys

  • Five Guys is a national brand. In-n-Out is a regional brand. It’s not s surprise 5 Guys won. Not that many people have had in-n-out.

  • In-n-Out is overrated. There, I said it.

  • yeah i agree with harry. sometimes i wonder if i only like in and out so much mainly because i only eat it a couple times a year.

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    I was surprised too, dude. I voted for In-N-Out!

  • Meh, they both cook their burgers on a griddle, and all griddled burgers are so-so, only flame grilled is truly a great burger.

    Goodburger, Frites ‘n Meats, many others…

  • Wait this was a user poll? Even if its AHT users those things are never particularly useful. I’m surprised AHT didnt find a way to do an actual critical head to head for this.

  • I think that ‘roboppy’ is an employee of Ed Levine’s Serious Eats. Perhaps she could provide some additional insight into this issue.

  • Give me fatburger with a fried egg anyday

    • Thank you, ‘satan’, thank you VERY much.

      A ‘Fatburger’ outlet just opened in the mall about 10 minutes from where I live (the Avalon on the Fairway, in Columbia, Maryland).

      I do believe that me lady and I will venture over there shortly and sample one of those burgers with a fried egg.

      GAWD, I love fried eggs. Thanks for the ‘heads-up.’

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    I think Chuckie has shown remarkable restraint in not having you brought up on stalking charges. Apart from the retarded “freak of the week” comment virtually every one of your comments is in response to one of Dr. Demento’s incoherent ramblings, devoid of wit, humor or any smblance of sanity.

    Would you two be so kind as to hunker down and commence with doing the horizontal monkey tangle and leave us the fuck alone?

    Thanks so much.

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