Day 1 at Ma Peche’s Milk Bar

Momofuku Milk Bar, NYC

Ma Peche aka “Momofuku Midtown” (on 56th btw. 5+6th) is barely four hours old and arguments have already started about whether it’s worth the money. Obviously, lunch’ers aren’t gonna spend $150 on lunch everyday, but Ma Peche’s Milk Bar and $10 Midtown Lunch specials – which they’re still serving in the Chambers Hotel mezzanine you can still order online- are right up our alley! Milk Bar menu after the jump…

My fuzzy cell phone pic of Milk Bar didn’t quite do it justice, so here are better ones of the shelves lined with cookies and the whole Milk Bar menu.

Momofuku Milk Bar shelves of cookies, NYC

Momofuku Milk Bar menu, NYC

Momofuku Milk Bar daily bread menu

We’re bummed about the cost of Ma Peche lunch, but that ain’t nothing gonna stop me from digging into today’s Wednesday-only banana green curry bread!

Ma Peche and Milk Bar, 15 W. 56th St. btw 5th+6th Ave, 212-555-1212


  • that’s a lot of cookies!

  • I am just gonna go home and eat my passion fruit creme brulee.

  • I’m sorry, but that photo (top) reminds me of a movie I saw where people were being herded down the path to the GULAG!

    I guess that ‘ambience’ is not overly important to hungry folks in New Yawk City?

    Carrion, please.

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    They don’t sell the cakes by the slice?

  • Has anyone tried the vellocet yet? I like to be sharp for the old in-out in-out

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    Snagged the last (that I could see on display) stuffed sandwich bread today: Turkey, Swiss, Mustard and Mayo. I think the Swiss was baked into the challah roll, though there may have been some inside too. Nice pieces of roast turkey (not sliced) and other stuff make up a small, but really delicious, relatively filling lunch treat for $6.

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    They no longer sell any cakes by the slice at either location.

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    The cakes aren’t being made on-site anymore and the fear of having them sliced and be stale was the reason behind the shift. Or so rumour has it.. a bummer but I respect wanting to have a perfect product and not run the threat of having something inferior. Thank GOD we can still do the midtown special – so yummy.

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    what is a cereal milk?

  • Went there last Friday and had the salted pistachio caramel soft serve and a slice of candy bar pie.

    ice cream was delicious but a little goes a long way with this flavor and I couldnt finish the whole thing. the pie was amazing – chocolate, caramel, crunchy, sweet, salty… amazing

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