At Lunch Now: Ma Peche is Confirmed Open! (And There’s a Daily Bread Special)

And there she is… the new Milk Bar at the front of Momofuku’s Ma Peche (on 55th btw. 5+6th). Not a “preview” photo. Not a “friends and family” photo. But the real deal… open to the public… serving up food photo! (The main dining room wasn’t open when this photo was taken, but is expected to be open by 12:30. Update: It’s open!) As reported last week, there is salty pistachio soft serve in the Milk Bar (along with the requisite pies and cookies). And they will offer one savory bread a day for $6.

Check out the bread “schedule” after the jump…

Monday – Kimchi and Blue Cheese Croissant
Tuesday – Foccacia
Wednesday – Banana green curry bread
Thursday – Apple and Cheddar Corn bread
Friday – Miso sausage canele
Saturday & Sunday – Volcano ($9)

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Volcano is only on the weekends. That’s a bummer. If you’ve never had one, it’s essentially a potato, cheese, and pork filled bread monstrosity, and probably the only thing on the bread menu that could legitimately called lunch. (That being said, today’s special- the banana green curry bread- is delicious!)

As for the $10 Midtown Lunch special, you will have to order that online (although you can get still order the banh mi du maison for $10 in the mezzanine of the Chambers Hotel), but none of that will be available at Ma Peche itself, or the Milk Bar. And, there was no sign of $6 sandwiches… yet. Early adopters, post your reports in the comments!

Ma Peche Watch: Will Today Be the Day?


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