Contributor Stalking: Korean Splurge, El Quinto Pino, Pancake & Bacon Custard

Do you wonder what our new ML contributors do when they’re not eating lunch in Midtown? (They’re actually pretty easy to stalk!)

Photo courtesy of Ultraclay

Ultraclay splurged on a $13 (shocking!) Korean lunch at Don’s Bogam,  Jason Lam finds durian ice cream in Sunset Park, Danny eats breakfast for lunch at El Quinto Pino, and Blondie and Brownie give you the lowdown on the new Shake Shack custard flavors (spoiler alert: Saturdays is pancake and bacon day!)  Plus if you like videos, Amy Cao has posted the latest episode of “Stupidly Simple Snacks, and it features pastry chef (and Vendy Award Judge) Pichet Ong.


  • Saturdays is PANCAKE and BACON day?!?!?!?!

  • $13 for all that…a true bargain.

  • What exactly IS that delicious looking “meat” in the photo?

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    Don’s Bogam is awesome and the $13 lunch is an insane amount of high quality food, but…

    EIGHT banchan for solo lunchers is a little bit disturbing. I don’t see this as generosity. I see it as evidence of shameless banchan recycling.

    While on the subject, why is it that most K-Town lunches are unworthy of ML coverage, but certain upscale $10 sandwiches and their ilk (which shall remain nameless) get written about over and over and over.

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    I had the pancakes and bacon custard this past Saturday. Total disappointment. I was expecting crunchy bits of bacon, but there was no discernible bacon in it except for maybe 3-4 microscopic brown flecks that I believe were supposed to represent bacon. Seriously, they were microscopic like vanilla bean flecks. And the only reason I saw them was because I was searching the custard thinking – wtf…where’s the bacon?

    If I didn’t know the flavor name, I would have thought it was just maple flavored custard.

  • Dan L: I’m still exploring Ktown, what are your recs?

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      Although I love Korean food, my Korean palate is pretty undiscriminating. I’ve enjoyed all of the K-town lunches I’ve had so far–Don’s Bogam (my favorite but a bit pricey), Kunjip, Seoul Garden (more peaceful dining room), Madangsui, BCD Tofu (love the free fried fish), Kum Gang San, Shilla (when they had the crazy cheap lunch special). I’m inclined to just go wherever has the best value, but the prices are mostly similar. If I could find Dol Sot Bibimbap for $10, I’d be in heaven.

      I’ve also enjoyed niche Korean places like Hyo Dong Gak, Arirang (amazing chicken broth), E-Mo, Woorijip, Han Ah Reum, Mandoo (yummy but overpriced).

  • so very funny that mr “2 PhDS” cant even figure out the meat from the picture or via other simple and fully available methods

  • Kindly forgive ‘FRED’s’ (also known as Louise from Atlanta, Georgia) trolling.

    She has a bit of difficulty spelling and/or speaking in complete sentences after sucking up a whole bottle of PAVLOV in her up-scale trailer park in Atlanta, Georgia, (after beating a hasty retreat out of Brooklyn, New York) with her boyfriend, ‘BigBear’.

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