El Camioncito Truck Slings Tacos in Midtown South

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I love tacos. The more interesting the fillings the better, from tender lengua to crunchy oreja, I’ll eat it. Yet working near the Empire State Building, the options are pathetic. Short of Chipotle, we’ve got nothing. So, when I read nonnomnyc’s post in the forums last week about a new Taco Truck near Penn Station, I knew I’d be making the trip in short order. Yesterday, I stopped by El Comioncito’s to give it a try. The truck, run by Ecuadorans, offers all varieties of street meat, but that’s not what I was there for. The Mexican menu is small and you might miss it at first. There are only four types of tacos available, but I’ll take what I can get.

See the tacos after the jump.

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I ordered three tacos, res (beef), carnitas and chorizo. I skipped the pollo, I think I’ve eaten enough chicken for a little while.

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I was excited about the carnitas. Unlike the the braised pork at Chipotle, these are more traditional, roasted and then crisped on the griddle. I usually love carnitas, but not this time. It was pretty disappointing, dry and a little bland.

The others were much better. The beef had a nice char to it, without getting as dried out as the carnitas. The chorizo was the best by far, with a smoky, sweet flavor.

I got everything on them, which included onions, a saucy guacamole, and a mild, vinegary chile sauce.

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The walk from Madison to 7th Avenue means that I can’t actually eat these tacos every day, but I may be there weekly now that the weather is improving. Next time, I’ll see how the chicken is and maybe give the carnitas another shot. I’ll definitely be having the chorizo every time.

El Camioncito Truck, 31st Street & 7th Ave.


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