New Taco Truck Pops Up in Midtown South

El Camioncito Taco Truck. Photo courtesy of nomnomnyc.Photos courtesy of Lunch’er “nomnomnyc”

Thanks to Luncher “nomnomnyc” for posting in the forums about this new taco truck that has shown up near Penn Station (on the corner of 31st and 7th Avenue.) It’s just out of ML bounds and the selection seems to be limited, but given how woefully under-served the area is for Tacos, I’m willing to go the extra block for some carnitas that don’t come from Chipotle.

More photos, the menu, and a brief report is after the jump.

The menu at El Camioncito Taco Truck, courtesy of nomnomnyc.

I tried it [on Wednesday] and it was pretty decent. I ordered the carnitas and pollo tacos and they were both sell seasoned, juicy and tender. Each serving came with an avocado sauce, cilantro and onions. For only $2 a pop, it makes for a nice lunch.

Taco from El Camioncito, courtesy of nonnomnyc.

Anybody else tried this truck yet? Early adopters let us know how it is in the comments.


  • …MAMA will be sprinting down there……….

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    Midtown South = takeout dead zone.

  • well this looks interesting…

  • that is an awesome addition to the area

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    Just had the chorizo and the carnita. Both were pretty good.

  • I had the chicken and the carnitas at lunch. It indeed breaks up the Chipotle cycle. Plus, $2 is pretty cheap for a double-corn-tortilla taco. The best taco ever? No. Great for those of us stuck in Tourist Trap Hell around Penn Station? Yes.

  • I also had the chorizo and carnitas taco today. The service is always fast and friendly. It’s becoming my go-to truck in the neighborhood.

  • I went around 6pm, because I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. The cashier and the prep cook are Ecuadoran and the guy at the grill is Mexican, from Cuernavaca (epicenter of tacos al pastor). If I understood correctly, he told me the rotisserie for al pastor should arrive next week. I asked him if they were going to roast the pineapple on top of the meat and he got pretty enthusiastic about it.

    I ordered two tacos de carnitas; the meat was a little dry and not salty, but it was better than a sharp stick in the eye. They didn’t have tomatillo salsa, but they put red salsa and guacamole (is guacamole a default on tacos in new york?) and gave me a lime wedge and some radishes. I was a little surprised they didn’t use the mini tortillas but for $2.00 there’s nothing wrong with the standard size.

    Tomorrow I’ll order a couple a de chorizo and maybe a couple campechana. Mmmmm….

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    Got the Carnitas and Chorizo also. I really can’t believe their is finally street food in this area! Can someone please walk by my desk and comment on how good this little styrofoam package of taco-goodness looks? Radish and lime. Radish and lime.

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    Chorizo didn’t seem to be an option today – so tried the chicken and pork. DELICIOUS flavorings that really hit the spot. A very, very welcome addition to the food desert that is Penn Station.

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    Where has the truck gone?!?

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