Celebrate International Waffle Day with Free Waffles from Wafels and Dinges!

Wafels & Dinges

Today is International Waffle Day and Wafels & Dinges is celebrating. Instead of their traditional hour of free waffles they will be giving away FREE waffles, ALL DAY, but there’s a little bit of a catch…

Free waffles will be given out today only to those people who wear something YELLOW. Why yellow? Well, according to chief Wafelmeister, Thomas DeGeest. yellow is color of spring, the color of Wafels & Dinges and a color in the Swedish flag–where International Waffle Day originated.

Here are the official rules:
+ Must wear yellow piece of clothing
+ No swapping of shirts, scarfs or underwear etc. with other people in the street
+ Thou shall only come get 1 free waffle and will follow the honor system
+ Thou shall get 1 free wafel + 1 free topping – to avoid super long lines.

Freshly Baked Liege Waffle

Lucky for us, W&D is going to be in midtown at their normal 46th street spot between 5th and 6th. Yellow clad freeloaders engage! As always, keep tabs on W&D via the ML Twitter Tracker for any last minute updates and changes.


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