At Lunch Now: Free Cone Day Madness

Gotta love free cone day… lines are starting to get long at Rock Center, but they move quick (you can expect no more than a 20 minute wait.) Also, cup is the default this year- so if you want a cone make sure to ask for it. They’ve got 10 flavors to choose from this year, plus one sorbet (mango) and one frozen yogurt (half baked.) Sadly, only one of their brand new flavors is being given out for free (milk & cookies.) Although I’m not complaining (it’s free ice cream!) and word is there are shorter lines at the Macy’s Ben & Jerry’s but their flavor list kind of sucks. Feel free to post updates in the comments… and I’ll see you on line this afternoon for a second go around! (It goes until 8pm, or until they run out of ice cream.)


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