Two Boots Celebrates 10th Anniversary With a Meat Filled Spicy Pizza

No. 6 Two Boots

Hard to believe, but Two Boots’ outpost in Grand Central has been around for 10 years-far outlasting the one in Rock Center. For their anniversary celebration they debuted the No. 6 last week, which includes pecorino, provolone, capicola, sopressata, peperoncini and roasted peppers, and I can vouch that it’s got a spicy kick to it. But that’s not all! They also launched some ‘Fat Tuesday’ specials last week: the Swampwich pizza (yes, alligator sausage is involved), the Stromolaya (or a jambalaya stuffed stromboli), 2-for-1 Hurricanes (how Mamacita and I will pre-game before tomorrow’s happy hour), and copious amounts of no flashing required Mardi Gras beads. Maybe all this will make up for how bad their muffuletta is.

Two Boots (stands for what???)


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