Beacon’s $20 Bar Deal is Too Good To Pass Up

Nothing about Beacon (on 55th btw. 5+6th) says Midtown Lunch, but we do like their burger… and their latest deal is kind of too great to pass up. All day long at the bar (the regular bar, not the burger bar) $19.95 will get you 2 drinks (house cocktail, wine or beer) and a burger or wood oven pizza.  Out of the Midtown Lunch price range?  Sure… but if you’re looking for a liquid lunch, or a kick ass happy hour/dinner deal, you’re not going to do better than that in Midtown. [via Wined and Dined]


Beacon’s Burger Bar Attempts to Gain Coveted Midtown Lunch Status
NYMag: Beacon Has One of the Best Burgers in NYC


  • Sounds like to me, at least, that some of the high-falutin’ eateries are FINALLY coming to their senses, price wise.

    I mean, $19.95 for 2 cocktails and a burger, is a reasonable price, ever here in civilization.

    One more reason to consider moving to NYC, where my wife’s company wants her to relocate (for one year, while they negotiate some contracts).

    BUT, probably not reason enough — at least, not yet.

  • And the likes of Rudy McBagel (a neat person who spends his life seeking out fellow ‘wankers’ so he has company while ‘wanking’) is another reason to be wary — VERY wary.

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