NYMag: Beacon Has One of the Best Burgers in NYC


New York Magazine has released their annual ‘Best Of’ issue, and while there isn’t much in the way of Midtown Lunch’ing honors, editor Robin Raisfeld chose Beacon as her favorite (bargain?) burger in New York City. I don’t see how it fits in the “Best Bargains: Cheap Food” category, but then again NYMag and Midtown Lunch have always had a different idea of what cheap means.

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  • You can read lots of posts singing the Beacon burger’s praises on Egullet.com.

  • Yeah, whatever, NYMag would probably eat at Flip in Bloomingdales everyday and call it a bargain.

  • Just in time for Lent. I wonder if Jesus would have loved cheeseburgers…

  • Id love to take Jesus to a BYOB place……he could really take the piss.

  • Good to see that NY Rag’s editor is still keeping up her end of the bargain, picking the place whose publicist gave her the best “oral gratification”

  • does this place take to-go orders?

  • I totally disagree. I work on 56th & 5th and sometimes have to go to Beacon for work related occassions and I’ve never had a good meal there. The food tends to be bland and expensive. Same with the burger. I was not impressed. Just go around corner to Five Guys or Burger Joint.

  • is that an extra slice of bread holding up that burger?

  • Jesus would not eat a burger plated atop an oversized communion wafer, I assure you.

  • The burger is not that great. Grilled bread is dry. They cut it in half before serving so all the juices drip out. They use house-made ketchup which tastes gross. There are better burgers nearby.

  • Yo dawg! We heard you like bread with your burgers so we put bread under yo burger so you can have bread while you have your burger bread!

  • Just had the Beacon burger. The bread changed – it’s now on brioche! yummy. Now I’m off to the gym.

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