Previti Pizza Gets the Slice Seal Of Approval

I was a big fan of the relatively new Previti Pizza (on 41st btw. Lex+Park) when I first tried it out back in December, but for serious pizza opinion I always turn to Adam Kuban and Slice.  That’s why I was pretty excited to see that he tried the place last week, and has decided it’s not just “good… for Midtown” but it’s good for “anywhere”! Apparently for pizza connoisseurs, it’s the cheese blend that gives the slice a nice depth of flavor. (Who knew!?) Now if we could just get Adam to try the pizza at Cafe Duke we could settle this “best non-restaurant pizza in Midtown” argument once and for all.


Newly Opened Previti Pizza Is Serving a Kick Ass Artichoke Slice


  • Ive havent had luck finding the artickoke sicilan slice there (which is what i really want to try). THey are always out…The regular was good..I’d have it again, but artichoke basile is better and the slices are WAY bigger.

  • I love this place. The cheese is really unique, it’s definitely not you standard nyc slice. The foccacio slices are the best.

  • what’s so special about the cheese?

  • Their pizza is tasty but the service is not great; I think they need to get their shit together. Plus, they have a full time video coca cola advertisement running in your face at all times. Really? Do they really need the revenue that badly with a $3 slice?

  • I remember walking in and pink floyd playing…they were all singing and ignorning me…I was also singing, but still, i demand attention when i walk into a room

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    FYI, everyone is raving on the blogs about Anthony’s pizzas and sandwiches as if they are something new. While Previti might have just opened, Anthony had been cooking up his delicious fare at Amish Market East (45th bet. 2nd and 3rd) for at least the past three years. He left in Dec. for Previti and took his entire menu with him. In fact, Amish Market East still serves his pizza and sandwiches as well. I actually prefer the Amish Market’s versions since they have an actual brick oven, and that is what Anthony originally crafted his menu around.

  • I’m going to order it today and see if it’s worth it. I’m normally not into $3 slices BUT I love pizza so will not turn down the opportunity to eat it when I can.
    Save 10% off with the ’10off code’
    I’m doing pickup since it’s only 2 slices. ;P

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