Blogger Proclaims Cafe Duke’s Pizza “The Best”

Bold (and often ridiculous) food claims are what NYC Food Guy (aka Lunch’er Lawerence aka Superman) is all about, so we’ll take this one with a grain of salt.  Apparently the spicy chicken pizza from Cafe Duke (on 51st btw. 6+7th) is the best non-restaurant pizza in all of Midtown. Now, you know we love their Korean food…. and their fake shrimp… and their occasional soft shelled crabs.  But is this really the best we can do for pizza?  Feel free to defend or refute his claim in the comments.


  • i trust no one who thinks lenny’s has the best sandwiches midtown

  • And he wonders why we call him Gay Superman.

    I thought his 15 minutes of fame on ML were over about 2 years ago?

  • ha…my peeps know me.

  • he knows way to many people that have gotten seriously ill from eating there..awesome. i must try this pizza. wait, is he serious?

  • I’ll have to try this… but have you guys tried the pizza from Naples?

  • yes, it’s aight. i enjoyed.

  • kc, you should eat a slice and confirm it’s “best” quality. lol. i should eat a slice too i guess. ;P

  • oh i will, but i dont really do pizza with chicken on it.

  • i like spicy chicken pizza and no blue cheese on it helps!

  • I will only eat it if it had fake shrimps on it.

  • their pizza looks awesome. I haven’t tried it – I’m not a big pizza fan – but they have a bunch of weird combinations (which I find tempting – hello apple pizza!) and if it’s the same dough as they give out/use for their hot sandwiches, I can imagine them being pretty kickass.

    if I wasn’t lunching with my borderline anorexic friend tomorrow, I would so go & try it out.

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    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Then try to find a pizza from a slice joint or midtown deli that’s actually better and then you can all keep talking smack.

    Places like Naples, Angelo’s or John’s are restaurants that don’t fall into the trajectory or my claim. Places like Bella Napoli or Cafe Metro, however, are exactly the types of places that can’t shine the shoes of Cafe Duke’s Spicy Chicken Pizza.

    It took me three years to get over the fact I know multiple people who’ve become ill from Cafe Duke but my consolation lies in the fact that they all ate cold sandwiches, never pizza. Any germs are eradicated by the huge brick oven.

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    “trajectory OF my claim”

  • If you want a cold sandwich, it’s much safer to go with the Walgreens option! Haven’t tried the CD pizza, but it looks pretty darned good.

    kc: “aight”? couldn’t you just hit the l and r keys somewhere in there?

  • I like Red Stone’s Spicy Chicken slice. They are a deli with their salads, despite being mainly a pizza joint in the back. ;p

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    There is no such thing as a spicy chicken pizza. A pizza has specific characteristics, some of which are flexible, some not. Spicy chicken does not fit into the scheme. Lets let Poppie explain….

    KRAMER (puts the dough on the counter): Alright, put a little sauce on here… Some cheese…

    POPPIE: Not too much!

    KRAMER: And…cucumbers!

    POPPIE: Wait a second…what is that?

    KRAMER: It’s cucumbers.

    POPPIE: No, no. You can’t put cucumbers on a pizza.

    KRAMER: Well, why not? I like cucumbers.

    POPPIE: That’s not a pizza. It’ll taste terrible.

    KRAMER: But that’s the idea, you make your own pie.

    POPPIE: Yes, but we cannot give the people the right to choose any topping they want! Now on this issue there can be no debate!

    KRAMER: What gives you the right to tell me how I would make my pie?

    POPPIE: Because it’s a pizza!

    KRAMER: It’s not a pizza until it comes out of the oven!

    POPPIE: It’s a pizza the moment you put your fists in the dough!

    KRAMER: No, it isn’t!

    POPPIE: Yes, it is!

  • You’re a bad man , a very bad man

  • YAWN! ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • guy, you have to admit, this is pretty funny and quite frankly, it makes it hard to consider eating there after reading…

    “Though I don’t EVER eat there, my co-workers love Cafe Duke, I hate it, it smells funky outside, which is never a good sign,and I know at least 6 people who’ve gotten violently ill from eatingsandwiches or food from the buffet.”

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      not just any kind of ill… VIOLENTLY ill… that speaks novels to me

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      What can I say KC? Caught red handed. That statement was made almost 2 years before I tried this pizza for the first time. Working nights in Midtown will eventually push you to eat at the places you never dreamed you’d step foot into, even the ones you held your nose when you walked past. A co-worker had the Spicy Chicken Pie one night and offered me the last two slices. It was so good I knew my personal-ban on Cafe Duke had to be lifted. And I’m glad I did.

      In my own defense, violent illness is only credited to the buffet and sandwiches.

      • The buffet at night at a lunch place? Welcome to NY NYCguy.

        Duke has good/overpriced food.

        Great korean section in the back. The spicy tofu + meat or veggies cleans out sinuses. I will try this pizza but also think Bocca is good for the individual pie.

  • went to cafe duke the other day for the first time. I had a ready made roast beef sandwich from the counter, and dumplings from the buffet! Pheww I’m lucky!

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