Virgil’s Makes the Best Sandwich in Midtown!?

Fork in the Road released their 10 Best Sandwiches in New York list, and unsurprisingly none of them are in Midtown.  But we did score two in the “runners up” list: ‘wichcraft’s white anchovy, soft-cooked egg, salsa verde, and frisee (whatever, it’s a chain), and Virgil’s Owensboro lamb sandwich (on 44th btw. B’way+6th). At $14 the lamb sandwich is way out of the ML price range, but call us intrigued. Anybody had this thing yet? And would you chose it over the Sophie’s Cuban fried pork and plantains sandwich? And what about all of Certe’s Sandwiches (on 55th btw. 5+6th)? Or Ma Peche’s pork banh mi? What Midtown sandwich do you think should have been on the list? Or were they right in snubbing us…

The Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge


  • sophie’s is greasy…taste’s a little wierd too, but i dont know where else to get a cuban around here, so i sacrifice.
    I think Toasties deserves a spot on that list.

  • I like park italian gourmet on 45th….plain jane sandwich…not all that fancy cer te crap.

  • Cheese, I’m against fancy sandwiches in general, but cer te does them right.

  • i was never really blown away by certe’s…we use them for catering here. I do always have them special make a proscuitto/mozz/olive tapenade for me. I LOVE ALL thei sides.. cole slaw,potato salad, pasta, etc…I also love their baked potato with yogurt/spinach sauce.

  • Milano Special…made fresh at Milano Deli (don’t get the premade ones on a roll–request the hero version) 34th between madison and 5th. I know some people are not a fan of it, but I really like it. It’s not Rosario’s but it is the next best thing I’ve found–and it’s way cheaper than defontes’ nicki’s special,which I have found actually kind of skimpy on the meat part as of late…

  • what’s a milano special?

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    I had to comment there.

    “it is ridiculous to choose This Little Piggies’ “That Way” with mozzarella, gravy on a hero over “This Way” with Cheez Whiz, au jus on a roll. The difference in taste is staggering.”

    Also, Porchetta doesn’t deserve to be on that list, it isn’t that good.

    They are definitely missing Tina’s fried pork with maduros.

  • hell i like a cuban sandwich from margon’s

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    The Ma Peche’s pork banh mi was, surprisingly enough, not all that. And how can there be a better lobster roll than the one at Pearl?
    As for midtown sandwiches, tops on my list would be the pulled pork from Daisy Mae cart (with the cole slaw on the sandwich – if you dig it that way).

  • Okay, Virgil’s Owensboro Lamb sandwich is a damn good sandwich. Considering I’d gladly pay the price for Katz’s Pastrami, I guess I can’t complain about the price for the virgils sandwich. It’s like a good smoked brisket, only with that lamby-gamy taste to it. Fantastically moist and smokey. I’d gladly have it again.

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