BREAKING LOCAL NEWS: Street Carts Are Dirty!

*Sigh*  You’ve got to love the local news… Last night CBS2 filed this overdramatized report about the perils of eating street food. Apparently two guys in New Jersey were found guilty of running an illegal (and gross) commercial kitchen out of their house in New Jersey, so it clearly calls into question the cleanliness of all street vendors (it must be dirty… look at those black and white shots of the griddles!)  We’re not claiming all street vendors are clean, but it is a fact that the DOH gets far more complaints about people getting sick from restaurants than street vendors (a point glossed over in the piece.)  The report ends on a lighter note, pointing to “clean” vendors like the Dosa Man, Wafels & Dinges Truck and Street Sweets as the “good guys”, and also mentions that “with more licenses expected soon” (doubtful) and “more TV chef superstars expected to get into the business” there is no end in site.  Really?  Maybe those people should read this.


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