The Oinker Has Arrived

On the ML Twitter Tracker this morning… Street Sweets has moved to Midtown East today, parking on 52nd and Lex. Cupcake Stop is on 60th, Schnitzel will be in the Flatiron, and it’s confirmed… Frites N Meats is on 52nd and 6th, and are serving the Oinker (a pork burger topped with bacon and cheese.)


  • I wish I’d seen the part about the oinker. I just had the angus burger. It’s a damn good burger. Mmm garlic aoli.

    • Adam, have you ever had an ‘In ‘n Out’? I’m talking about the burger, NOT one of your personal preferred past times.

      What, EXACTLY, do you have as a base line to judge what a decent burger is all about? I mean, ‘decent burger’ and ‘New Yawk City’ is an oxymoron, at least to MOST folks in the REAL world.

      ‘Inquiring Minds’ want (need) to know.

      Carrion, adamprato

      • I’m glad DocChuck09 isn’t banned from here. He provides comic relief for ML. A caricature of the angry anonymous internet troll… Too funny sometimes…

    • You know, when I read the title of this post, I assumed it meant that DocChuck had come to vacation in NYC. Good to hear this was not so, and that for the moment, you are all (relatively) still safe. Err, safer than otherwise.

  • just had angus with brie on brioche … burger was just ok, fries very meh .. for $10.50 I won’t be going back – will hit Carnegie John burger for 1/2 the price

  • Just had wagyu with bacon and blue. Not bad, but not totally impressive.

    @win: where is Carnegie John’s?

  • I think I need to get the aioli on my burger next time, then it’d be perfect…

  • Carnegie John’s is on 56th & 7th.

  • Carnegie John’s isn’t half the price though? This burger is $5.50, $6.25 with cheese. CJ also doesn’t have fries…

    That said, CJ’s is a bigger burger, but not a “better” burger.

    Sounds like we need a streetburgerpalooza pitting off the shnitzeltruck, f&m, cj’s, and the steak truck :)

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    I walked by at 12:30 and the line was about 30 people long. I couldn’t wait that long so I got some double galbi from the Bulgogi and Kimchi truck.

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    Carnegie John’s isn’t better?

    You sir, must be eating from some other Carnegie John cart of which I am not familiar.

    CJ’s burgers are definitely “better” than the Frites burger I had today.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Frites burger was good. CJ’s (the real CJ, not your inferior “pretender”) burger is juicier and tastier. The Frites burger was thicker though smaller in diameter than CJ. It was also, to my taste, a little “tougher” than the CJ burger. This, despite the fact that the CJ burgers I get are fairly well done and the Frites burger seemed perfectly medium to medium rare. I suspect CJ has a higher fat content than Frites, and so a juicier, less tough burger.

    I think they are both good, and different. I’ll enjoy both. But Carnegie John’s burger is definitely “better” than the Frites burger I had today. Plus I just like the whole Carnegie John’s process, which for me includes a five block walk and hanging out on the corner by Carnegie Hall for a while, chillin, watching the girls go by, checking out the Carnegie Hall posters (Kronos with a toy orchestra next week!,) smelling my burger cook, etc. You know the scene.

    (why the “quotes?” CJ is better! Not “better!”)

    PS ditto on the streetburgerpalooza. That would be huge.

    • you almost sounded like docchuck for a moment :)

      I put quotes around “better” because it’s a matter of taste. I think they’re on par. What makes CJ’s “better” is that it’s cheaper and bigger, but not necessarily “tastier”.

  • The angus was great! A perfect medium rare and I didnt even have ask for it. Will have to try the fries next time.

    oh and Bobby Flay walked by.

  • The angus was great! A perfect medium rare and I didnt even have to ask for it. Will have to try the fries next time.

    oh and Bobby Flay walked by.

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    I wonder when the “Bobby’s Burger Place” truck will show up?

  • bobby flay walked by? must’ve missed him! Weller- what time did he walk by?

    i agree it was pretty good. and not sure where i would stack it against CJ. if CJ offered a bacon burger, i’d say hands down, CJ.

  • had to be between 12:40-12:50. had on jeans a tan coat, walking with a guy in a suit.

  • ah, darn it. thats just before we got in line.

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    I think Frites truck uses a charcoal grill. I didn’t love the burnt char taste. Now that it’s been a half hour or so, “burnt” is the dominant aftertaste.

    Carnegie John also has a totally under appreciated grilled chicken sandwich. I get it fairly plain on a nice chewy hero roll, with cheese, mayo and lettuce, and a good amount of nice grilled breast meat.

    I think it’s the best from a cart that I’m aware of, though the bulk of the ML crowd seems like it would prefer some fancy pants, asian flavored approach over the blue collar no frills CJ cart chicken sandwich.

    (I guess this is a CJ thread hijack, but if you’re gonna sell a burger from a cart in northwest midtown, Carnegie John is the gold standard, in my book, and you gotta measure up.)

    • It could be charcoal, but it seemed more like just a gas grill, like CJ, but twice the size.

      And I agree with your CJ assessment :)

  • CJ’s steak sandwich is good too. I had a couple of plain kebobs on a stick yesterday from CJ and was great, cuz they were freshly grilled. Sometimes when I get the kebob platter the meat is nothing to shout about, but on a stick it seemed a lot better.

    • Yeah CJ’s is very underrated because the only thing they don’t do well is the prototypical streetmeat of lamb-chicken-rice-whitesauce-hotsauce like some of the other carts. I guess CJ and The Dragon are in a class of their own :)

  • They were sold out by 1:30 today – bummed I missed it. :( But they said they will be back next Wed.

  • They screwed up my order but it was still a pretty decent burger.

  • Got there at 12:50 or so, waited in-line until about 1:20, ordered my burger and ended up getting back to my office at about 1:40. Taste aside, that’s a long time to wait for a burger.

    Now about that taste. I ordered the Wagyu burger with gruyere cheese, oven roasted tomato, mesculun greens and ketchup on a brioche bun. Have to say the burger was cooked exceptionally well, juicy, medium-rare and with the cheese melted just enough to have it dripping down the sides. For me, the tomato surprisingly made the burger. Sure, the burger itself tasted great and there clearly was a distinction between my and my co-workers burger (she broke off a piece for me and I for her), but something about that tomato made me want another. I also ordered the fries and the garlic aioli and the spicy chili ailoi. The fries were nothing special, McD’s-esque as mentioned above but with the sauces they were pretty solid. I don’t know if I’ll be back every Wednesday but I’ll definitely have to check this spot out again.

    • Also, forgot to mention we were in that last grouping of 20 who saw the unfortunate late-comers get told they couldn’t be served…. and there were a lot of them.

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