Downtown Extra: “Oinker” is the Frites N Meats Burger of the Week

Frites N Meats continues to make me jealous of Downtown Lunch’ers. As if their existence wasn’t enough, they’re doing a special “burger of the week”. This week? The Oinker: A Niman Ranch seasoned pork patty w/ bacon, gruyere and a spicy roasted red pepper aoli. Are you kidding me? I immediately sent one of our Downtown Lunch correspondents over to check it out. What Chris S. found is after the jump…

Frites'N'Meats - The Oinker 002

The Oinker was damn tasty. Composed of a Niman Ranch Seasoned Pork Patty, Double Cut Thick Bacon, Gruyere Cheese, and Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Aioli, it was too tough for me to say no to a combination like that. The man in the truck then recommended I slap on either some sweet onion jam or oven-roasted tomato to balance the saltiness of the bacon and again, I couldn’t bring myself to turn down that glorious onion jam. When he suggested the brioche bun, I wasn’t about to start the nay-saying then, so I rolled with it and it came out divine. The pork patty was very well seasoned and the saltiness was nicely balanced with the sweetness of the onion jam and brioche bun. The burger just worked very well together. I really enjoyed it, but at $8.50 ($9.25 with the onion jam) I’m not sure I’d go for this over the cheaper and equally delicious regular burger with the same toppings. If you’re looking to cut back on your red meat intake, though, this is a great alternative while still being able to indulge in a burger.

Why can’t the La Cense burger truck do stuff like this!?!

Downtown Lunch: Your First Look at the Frites N Meats Burger



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    Most ridiculous thing i’ve read so far today: “If you’re looking to cut back on your red meat intake, though, this is a great alternative while still being able to indulge in a burger.”

    It’s a salted pork patty, with fatty bacon, cheese and mayo. What exactly are you cutting back on? the color red . . .

  • pork fat is better than beef fat. not as artery clogging as the fat from red meat.
    according to some people, this is the reason why there aren’t too many fat chinese people cuz they eat more pork than beef. O_O

  • I thought pork was considered a red meat too.

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    no, it is “the other white meat”

  • even as i eat my szechuan double cooked pork, im getting lunch envy looking at that picture. *sigh*

  • @monstermooch, then have you seen the BBQ spare rib that the ML’er of the Week is eating?

  • @SchmidtCassegrain, yes, and it looks delicious, but ribs i’ve had. this sandwich, i haven’t. ribs i can get in midtown east. that oinker, i cant. hence the drool and envy. :)

  • I thought red meat was characterized as red when raw. Isn’t pork red when raw? It only turns white when cooked. Besides, “the other white meat” is a commercial slogan. I mean poultry isn’t red meat because it’s not red when raw.

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