L.A. Burger Trucks > NYC Burger Trucks?!?

Apparently it’s a burger truck kind of day on Midtown Lunch. Zach still hasn’t been able to track down a decent plate of street meat in L.A., but today he wrote about two burger trucks that look way better than La Cense and Carnegie John’s. And we’re not just saying that because one of the burgers was topped with sausage gravy, bacon and maple syrup!? (Ok, maybe that’s exactly why we’re saying it.) I wonder if we can get Schnitzel and Things to top their deep fried burger with bacon and maple syrup? I think that would make things right…


  • maple syrup on a burger?!?

  • Zach – you should start a consulting company advising the NYC street cart markets on how to step up their game with some of these food options. The posts on the LA section really make me jealous of your new lunching options :)

  • the sweet potato fries in the other post look DELICIOUS. gaaaaaaaaaah

  • Pork Greasy Goodness with sweet maple! *DROOLS*
    Bad enough they have In N’Out but this adds salt to the wounds.

    On the other hand, I haven’t been too jealous of the LA asian options (Other than Dim Sum Truck but their prices seem like I’m better off doing sit down than praying for a truck version in Midtown).

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    Those sweet potato fries look exatcly like the ones they serve at barros lucos and they are awesome.

  • Once again, Carnegie John burgers are overrated/meh. Now, sausage gravy, maple, bacon–THAT’s talkin’ burgers!

  • Why were the comments closed on the LA burger truck posting?

    And Zach, MORE pics of any scantily-clad servers/order-takers/customers/whatever are in order! It’s still cold back here in the northeast.

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    Sausage gravy, maple, bacon. That’s not a burger.

    That’s breakfast meatloaf.

    I’d take a straight up, under-rated, honest, CJ burger over this cockamamie concoction.

  • Mike: wrt Carnegie John, you misspelled “over-rated”!

  • I’m surprised Grill Em All hasn’t been sued by Metallica yet for their logo.

  • Sorry… comments on that post are back open now.

    And if the Asian food I’m writing about doesn’t make you jealous, you’re insane!

  • Yes, yes it does. But I’m trying to deal with not having the tasty Mexican/SWern food first.

  • HAHAHA. Did Zach just insinuate I’m insane if I’m not jealous on LA Asian Foods? I’m the ML Zombie. It doesn’t get crazier…

    I don’t know. I guess I haven’t seen anything I would want to fly coast-to-coast to devour. Maybe if I saw more of Kogi and awesome Pho/Banh Mi/ Viet options. I am suppose to vacation to LA sometime.

  • Yeah Zach. We were all so jealous of those bland noodles, gloppy orange chicken, and chewy roast pork that you posted. I WISH WE COULD GET THAT IN MIDTOWN! OH, WAIT A SEC?!

  • Hahaha… yeah, Chu’s is certainly nothing to get jealous of. But the Thai food I had out here my first two weeks was better than anything I ever tried in NYC.

    Haven’t done Vietnamese yet… but I *know* that’s better out here. Thanks for the reminder StreetMeas!

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