HB Burger Introduces Black Label’ish Creation

For those of you who are missing the original (albiet faux) black label burger from the now shuttered City Burger, A Hamburger Today brings the news that HB Burger (on 43rd btw. B’way+6th) has just added a new “prime steak” burger to the menu. It’s twice as expensive as their regular burger ($17!?!), but features dry aged meat from Pat LaFreida in the blend.  At $17 this thing is definitely not a Midtown lunch, but we imagine there are some burger/La Frieda fanatics in Midtown who would be interested in checking it out…

HB Burger May Not be a “Midtown Lunch” But It’s a Damn Good Burger


  • What, exactly is ‘black label’ hamburger meat? Is it a creation of someone’s imigination?

    Is it something that is supposed to make us drop our drawers in awe?

    Is it something that we will NEVER get tired of having thrust down our throats by the likes of Nick Solares, from England?

    Is there ANY WAY that normal folks can move BEYOND the worship of LaFrito hamburger meat?

    I mean, surely there has to be something in life MORE important than ‘black label’ hamburger meat.

  • Yes, DocChuck, there is something more important – far, far more important – than La Frieda Hamburger meat.

    So important that the aforementioned Nick Solares (who you frequently praised on his own website, but slam here) has already done so

    And what would this be, you ask?

    Why, getting you removed as a commenter on every legitimate food website, silly!


  • sounds tempting…but i’ve been fooled twice there already into thinking i’d get a great burger. fool me three times…

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