City Burger Doesn’t Actually Serve LaFrieda’s “Black Label” Blend

City Burger's New Signage

The Under $25 column in today’s New York Times takes on three newish burger places (Flip, Black Iron Burger, & City Burger), and drops this LaFrieda bombshell about the burger that City Burger (on 39th & Broadway) calls the “Black Label”.

“City Burger’s menu says it uses LaFrieda’s aged Black Label blend in some burgers. But Mr. LaFrieda told me he sells Black Label only to Minetta Tavern and that City Burger’s blend, which he calls City Black mix, isn’t aged quite as long.”

Uh… that’s good to know (I guess?) You could say it’s just a matter of semantics, but to burger aficionados it could be an important distinction.

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  • Actually, it was Black Label when they started, but then La Frieda gave the exclusive to Minetta. They came up with a new and inferior, but still very good mix to replace it. The problem with CB has always been its execution, not its supply.


  • @ Josh: I agree that City Burger has a problem with execution … which is why I was so shocked when you gave the Black Label burger props as it tasted like a hockey puck. The meat was fine, but it was packed way too tight and pressed like those questionable “meat” patties you eat at lunch growing up going to the public schools of NYC.

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