AHT Calls City Burger’s Black Label “Best Burger in the City”

It took them long enough, but A Hamburger Today finally weighed in on City Burger’s $10.95 black label burger, and it reads more like a manifesto than a review. The gist of it? It’s not an “expensive burger as much as a cheap steak. In these times of economic austerity don’t be surprised if you see Wall Street executives, their expense accounts suspended, lining up at City Burger to satisfy the cravings that they used to sate at expensive wood-paneled steakhouses. For the steak lover, particularly those on a budget, this is the best burger in the city right now.”

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  • AHT worships at the La Frieda altar. I wonder what the review would be like if it was a truly blind taste test. Imagine this:

    “We just tried the mysterious new ‘deluxe’ burger at City Burger. The medium-rare patty was kind of dense, and stuck to my teeth a bit. The juice was on the fatty side. It tasted kind of steak-like, but somewhat “off”–a bit musky with an off-putting hint of aged cheese, not very fresh at all.”

  • Has anyone had a burger at “In & Out” on the west coast? The best ever.

  • I guess I’ll have to try it now. In & Out are the pantheon of fast food burgers. Pretty much the only reason to cross the Mississippi, lol.

  • Tried it a couple of weeks ago. Nothing special. Actually a little bland.

  • i wanted to hate the black label city burger…but tried it for lunch today and it was every bit as good as AHT described.

  • Whatever In-n-Out is (and I am a fan), it is not “the pantheon of fast food burgers.” The In-n-Out chain may well produce a burger that resides in the pantheon of fast food burgers, however.

  • AND……. they were wrong.

  • Tried the burger last night. Huge disappointment – I rate it a 2 out of 10. Consistency was off .. it was like eating a hockey puck .. unflavorful and $14 for a frickin’ cheese burger!! I’ll stick with Carnegie John’s flavorful burger for about a third the price!

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