East Japanese’s Un-ignorable Restaurant Quality Lunch

East Japanese lunch special W 55th btw 8th & Broadway

While wandering past Yakitori Totto – one of Zach’s favorite Midtown lunches of all time – in the sun yesterday, I came across this sign in front of East Japanese (W 55th btw 8th & Broadway). The rest of the banner shows a takeaway container filled with what appears to be tempura and veggies AKA an “un-ignorable and unforgettable restaurant quality to-go lunch with restaurant price!” For $5, I’ll be back to order this Hiru-Bento, but has anybody tried it yet?


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    i’ve tried it. it’s a pretty good deal. lots of food for $5. mostly rice, but it does come with 2 pieces of japanese fried chicken, fried fishcakes, and some breaded imitation seafood. there’s also this green egg salad and a good amount of veggies like lotus root and some pickled stuff. trust me, you will be full after eating this.

  • Ok, but where is the FREAK OF THE WEEK post?

  • That looks good but its out of my midtown walking range for lunch. Does this deal hold up on weekends?

  • The only ‘FREAK’ on this wonderful website is YOU, ‘Fred’.

    Why do you NOT understand that the rest of us have not figured out what YOU are about, sister?

    But you feel the need to keep going on and on and on and on — right ‘FRED’, even when everyone with a wee bit of intelligence knows what you are about.

    Carrion on, ‘Fred’

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    Having it as of now. it is actually very good. it’s pretty good. I am totally happy with it. I do have a pic but where I can post it?

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