Midtown Links (The “Chewy Squid” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Eating in Translation

  • Skip the chewy squid at Hing Won [Eating in Translation]
  • The Oyster Bar lunch counter is a great place to people watch [Fork in the Road]
  • The salmon and brown rice salad at Pret is delicious! (Even typing it makes us laugh) [Ramen & Friends]
  • MomoMidtown could open this month!? [Eater]
  • La Maison du Chocolat is divine [Tasty Eating]
  • You can get a black label’ish burger at Nougatine in Jean Georges [Serious Eats]
  • Don’t eat at Le Cirque with Joan Rivers [Eater]


  • why a ball of cream cheese with the salon/rice from pret..that’s scary.

  • I’d never ever buy anything from Pret.

  • btw, hot chocolate from maison du chocolat is to die for. you will think you are in heaven…alleluia.
    as for chocolate, their is extemly velvety and smooth..like a piece of heaven..yumm…but a bit pricy so i will stick with Lindt dark chocolate bar with sea salt.

  • I agree that the maison hot chocolate is good…but even the semisweet one is too rich (in creaminess, not sweetness) for me to finish by myself.

    Pret is still > Pax (which isn’t saying much).

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    If you think that squid in hot soup is a good idea, you have only yourself to blame. Hing Won does (non-soup) squid very nicely for their price point.

    More importantly, does Maison frown upon sharing the hot chocolate? I went in that store once and felt shamed when I had to leave empty-handed. Luckily, the free sample, which probably had a retail value of about $2, helped the (magnified) shame go down easier.

  • I’m sorry, but folks who eat ‘chewy squid’ in hot soup are folks with whom I personally cannot identify.

    I mean, as an American citizen (descended from the original Plimoth Plantation immigrants), my wife and I are simply not accustomed to that type of — ‘food.’

    But for those who feel that this “chewy squid” is culinarily orgasmic food, I say ‘more power to you.’

    I could say a few more things, but I will hold my tongue, in the spirit of ‘Political Correctness.’

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