Yushi Introduces “Sake Ramen” To the Menu

Yushi (on 47th btw. Park+Lex) has always been about the craziness (conveyor belt sushi, dim sum, the new and improved refrigerated conveyor belt, peking duck days, and bogo free greatest hits bentos.)  But this could be the best of the lot: according to Urbandaddy they’ve just started serving an off the menu bowl of ramen covered in a glass of sake (!?) We are so on this… but should it be a lunch or a Happy Hour post?  Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.


  • street and i were discussing this yesterday…

  • That description doesn’t even make any sense.

  • *****We hope this finds you alert, well rested and brimming with conviction that all is right with the world.

    But if it doesn’t, owing to your recent participation in activities possibly including (but not limited to) bourbon, karaoke and other advanced tomfoolery, that’s fine too.

    You just may need a little assistance today…

    It’s called Sake Ramen, a hearty, healing lunch of savory noodles drenched in an entire cup of sake, available starting today to stave off last night’s lingering demons.

    Given your current state of unparalleled clarity, it’s hard to express just how urgently you will need this no-nonsense, off-the-menu soother. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. (But also, maybe today and tomorrow.)

    When that day comes, you’re going to slip out of the office, step boldly to Yushi’s counter, flash your ID and receive a large, unassuming soup bowl. In this bowl will be a pile of ramen noodles, slow-cooked and richly seasoned teriyaki chicken, broccolini and a soft-boiled egg. Sitting in 32 ounces of Nanburyu sake-based broth. (It pairs phenomenally with a mild, non-noodle sake.)

    Back in the comfort of your lordly place of business (or maybe just behind your desk), you’ll discreetly nurse this healing concoction and gather the courage to once again head back out there, thankful that there are only three things in this world that can’t be cured by the potent mix of sake and noodles.

    And anyway, none of them are in America.

  • …anyway, how are they in general?

  • havent tried…just came out last night

  • So you get drunk and full?

  • Big thumbs up!! First off serious kudo’s to yushi.. love em or hate ‘em they are constantly trying new things and really are focused on good taste and style (ok i’m a fan). And I’ll always say, it’s nice to find a reasonable priced, tasty and stylish decor place in midtown that you can actually sit at without being knocked over. They seemed to have a whole new corner station devoted to their hot items now. And yes, this soup was great with the sake bomb added in. A co-worker an i had it for lunch, opted for the “super” size which had like a large 8oz shot of sake added in (oh snap, hope my boss isn’t reading this :> I actually think i was more productive at work today because of it).. get this, it’s pre-tax price was basically ten bucks… large, delicious and alcoholic.. how can you complain?! they had one for like $8 that had like 2oz of sake in it. Yes, it’s fun getting your drink-on without hiding it in a flask, but i wouldn’t even write about it if it didn’t taste great.. i was pleasantly surprised how subtle but flavorful the addition of the sake was. I’m not some ramen expert, so i can’t compare it to all the hipster new ramen spots, but i can tell you this… really good stuff and worth it.

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    Just had the Super Sake Ramen (8oz sake + ramen). I have to say it was quite tasty, but I am hardly full. The soup was also lukewarm and the soft-boiled egg was cold in the middle. Still the food was appealing to my palate and the sake adds a nice kick.

    Back at the office now, just a little bit hungover. At the very least, the sake ramen is worth a try.

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