Kyochon Grand Opening Moved to Friday


The long awaited grand opening of the new Kyochon (on 5th Ave. btw. 32+33rd) was supposed to be today… and yet this was the disappointing scene just a few minutes ago.  We know the place is ready to roll (the paper was down on Monday and they were making chicken for a photo shoot), but according to this morning’s New York Times the grand opening date is now March 5th. (That would be Friday.)  Sorry Korean fried chicken fans…you’ll just have to wait two more days.  Pizzacone anybody?



    Oh well. At least they’re trying to do something right and not half-assing opening day. and come friday they will have an onslaught of ‘opinionated food critics’ with their ‘first look at kyochon midtown.’ and 90% of these people will probably never frequent this place after opening day. That’s when I’ll bite.

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    they want to keep those catholics out of there because fridays on lent = no meat so they can have a smaller less crazy grand opening

    …hey wait…

    im one of those catholics!!

    damn you!!!


  • have you seen the inside of this place?!

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