Iron Chef Japanese Gives DR Sushi a 5 out of 10

Between Mamacita’s review, and the original Fork in the Road report, you’re probably Duane Reade sushi’d out, so this is the last of it (and quite possibly the best)… the NY Post got Masaharu Morimoto to take the Duane Reade sushi challenge, and even though the article reads like he hated it, he ended up giving the sushi a 5 out of 10. Isn’t that a borderline rave for drug store sushi coming from an Iron Chef? Also makes us wonder what sushi he’s giving, say, a 3!?


  • He’s saving the ’3′ for when Mama takes him to free sushi night at Port 41

  • damn u’re quick. i just found that article too.

    yea isn’t that crazy? that’s like a glowing recommendation from him.

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    …but has he tried the sushi at Jack’s 99 Cent Store?

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    The Iron Chef’s opinions are similar to what I would have guessed: (1) DR sushi may be gross, but it’s probably as safe as can be. If corporate America can do one thing right, it’s refrigeration. (2) The worst-tasting part about DR sushi is most likely to be the rice. (3) The most off-putting part about DR sushi is most likely to be the nasty chemicals that the food industry loves to put in everything.

    I was a bit surprised that they have robots that can roll maki as well as a mediocre sushi chef.

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