Rickshaw Dumpling Gets Huanged in the NYT

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times today about chefs that use twitter, but the part that might be of interest to Midtown Lunch’ers was Baohaus Chef Eddie Huang’s takedown of Rickshaw Dumpling: “The dumplings are horrible and the kitschy Chinese branding is offensive.” Ouch! Where have I heard that assessment before…

Rickshaw Dumpling Responds to the Haters
A Proper +/- of the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck


  • these dumpling never were good…NYTime writers are JUST NOW figuring this out?

  • You’ve been hearing that from me for years!!! Rikshaw is GROSS!!!!! An abomination! Joe is f’ing right on with his analysis of their food.

  • Eddie Huang is on point with his assessments. Rickshaw and Joe’s Shanghai are pretty crappy.

  • There is nothing special about their dumplings. Too bad there’s still plenty of people willing to fork over their wallets for their food.

    To each their own.

  • to be honest, i cant believe they are still open.

  • I tried them once hoping the haters were wrong…nope. Tiny portions, thoroughly (throw-ugly?) unappetizing, and overpriced to boot. They really should be taken off TT (don’t get too excited HH’ers…that’s twitter tracker)

  • And that is why I never take food advice from my boss because he loves them and eats them every Friday.

  • he must be from jersey.

  • every time I pass Joe’s and Rickshaw, the queues are nuts.

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    Personally, I’ve always been a little skeptical when I saw that store in the West Village open up some time ago. Dumplings shouldn’t have to cost that much money. Also, I’ve heard so many bad things about them, I will continue to avoid them.

  • He’s right!

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    Huang also badmouths Baoguette, but when he’s called out for it, he backs off by saying that the standard “baoguette” is above average and well-priced–it’s just the other stuff that’s crap.

    It’s also pretty unseemly for him to call Anita Lo a “bitch” because her food sucks.

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    Agree w/ ceh. I tried them once (w/ a variety of different fillings) and I could barely get through them. Despite the slick logo and marketing, bad food is just bad food. Also dumbfounded that they’re still in business.

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