The Treats Truck Will Make You Personalized Valentine’s Day Cookies

Heart Cookies '09 from the TT

Valentine’s Day might not be until Sunday, but the Treats Truck will be hitting the road with their V-Day treats starting today. This year they’ll have heart shaped sugar cookies with red sprinkles for $1.50, bags of red and pink sugar heart shaped cookies for $6.00, heart shaped linzer cookies for $2.00, and they will also be doing personalized heart shaped sugar cookies. The Treats Truck crew says they can personalize the cookies with anything… “A name, phrase …whatever will fit! ” The personalized cookies will run $2.50 for a big cookie or $2.00 for a small cookie and you need to preorder by phone or email. Think of it as you chance to create your own Conversations Hearts. I’m sure you can come up with something better than “Fax Me” or “Foxy Lady.” Check their twitter account, or the ML Twitter Tracker, for their exact location.


  • a small simple butter cookie for $1.50 from a truck? no thank you.

  • expensive cookies – sugar cookies, no less!! – blow my mind. the profit margin is absurd! I should have become a baker.

    having said that… PINK SPRINKLES!!! sigh. so hard to resist.

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    @mkim1206 — it’s not just a small simple butter cookie, it’s a Treats Truck cookie that is definitely much better than your average sugar cookie, and it’s hand-decorated with lots of thought and care by Kim.

    • Yeah! more for us! Though I usually need to have a little frosting on my cookie for it to tip the $1 mark, but still! super cute!

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