Black Shack & ‘wichcraft Now Serving Beer


My Happy Hour review is coming up at 3, but I thought I’d mention this interesting news for those of you who can’t wait.  Black Shack Burger (on Lex btw. 37+38th) has now added beer to their libation list of shakes, sodas, tea and lemonade. Current brews available are Corona, Sly Fox Phx. Pale Ale, Sly Fox Pike Pilsner and Heineken. This officially enters them in to the pantheon of post work places to head to for a burger and beer. And what do you know, it’s Friday already. Eastside lushes engage!

In related news… Blondie sent me word that the ‘wichcraft in Rock Center has also added beer.


Hey Mamacita… This past week I noticed that the Rock Center ‘wichcraft is selling now selling bottles of beer alongside the Fizzy Lizzys and Ronnybrook Yogurt Drinks. Beer will run you $4 to $5 per bottle and you can choose from Bitburger (Germany), Lagunitas, IPA (California), Geary’s Pale Ale (Maine), Wolaver’s Organic Brown Ale (Vermont), and though it’s not featured on their “Beer is Here” sign, they also had Blue Point’s Hoptic Illusion (Long Island) in their case.

Unfortunately with ‘wichcraft’s steepish prices, unless you go for one of their breakfast all day options or soup, you’ll be over the Midtown Lunch limit. And I’ve heard that ‘wichcraft doesn’t let you take the beer to go, so don’t think that you’ll be able to sneak a cold one back to your office. Though if you really want to have a beer at your desk (or under your desk) there’s always the relatively large beer selection at Duane Reade.


  • I went to Black Shack for the first time around the end of December and they had beer then. Sly Fox is good stuff.

    Sorry to put out your fire, Mama.

  • Thanks Steve, now I have that Doors song in my head… come on baby light my fire…. err put out my fire? :-D

  • I just had a Lagunitas IPA at a bar in my ‘hood last night, and I would like to say that it is tasty. And being from Maine I am always a big proponent of Gearys.

  • ugh, The Doors. my bad.

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