Steak Truck Now Serving Biriyani!?

The twitter feed that belongs to the Steak Truck (on 47th and Park) has been on fire this week, giving customers the lowdown on their brand new biriyani offerings. They even sold out yesterday! Is it just us or is Biriyani everywhere these days? Biriyani CartTrini Paki BoysFahima Halal… and now this. Biriyani is the new black! Has anybody tried the Steak Truck version? Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.

Twittpocalypse: Steak Truck is Now On Twitter


  • I just tried the chicken biryani at Steak Truck. The portion is on the small side (barely 2/3 of the stryrofoam filled with rice and feels light compared to their combo w/ rice.) I will say their chicken w/ rice is a much better choice (Too bad it isn’t offered now? Only biryani) and it’s best stick with that option (when available)IMO.

    The basmati rice is flavorful, served with only lettuce on the side, dressed with the standard white sauce, hot sauce and then the raita sauce (spicy mint yogurt sauce) – this is what made the biryani while I ate it!! What didn’t make the biryani was scouring for more chicken – I only got 1 chicken leg (not a big leg, it was average) and a piece of potato.

    MORE Raita next time, but on top of their chicken w/ rice (please bring that back).

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    Had a lamb biryani, and it was disappointing. Portion on the small side, especially compared to the bounty offered by the Trini lads. Meat was appalling – big chunks of bone, gristle and fat – almost nothing edible.


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    For $3 (twitter special), it’s the portion size is the same as what the food pyramid suggests. Not impressed by the flavor. Unless it’s parked right at my door, i am not sure that I would try again.

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