Twittpocalypse: Steak Truck is Now On Twitter


Twitter is not just for the hipster trucks anymore! Judging from their tweets it’s clear that the Steak Truck (on Park and 47th) hasn’t completely grasped what twitter is all about (“print this ad with code 7787 and get free soda can with any lunch purchase, but you must present this print .from twitter,s web site.”) but it’s a start. And anybody that uses twitter to give out free food stuff is alright with me.

Speaking of getting deals on Twitter, Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien is also using the social networking tool now (@burgerjointnyc) to let people know about specials. On Monday they did an early bird special, $10 for a cheeseburger, fries, and a soda between 11 and 11:45am. No word on when the next one will be.

Can’t bring yourself to sign up for twitter, but wouldn’t mind hearing about deals from the Steak Truck and Burger Joint? They’ve both been added to the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker>>


  • Wow, Steak Truck does need to get it together. First they say print ad and then they telling us to just twitter? Not that free soda is anything to sneeze at but first and foremost, I want to see a complete chicken and lamb combo from them first (waffle fries, falafel and pita bread if it’s really offered. Anything short of their normally-packed combo is FAIL if it happens again)

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    “You demand a combo or it’s FAIL!!!!”

    Wow. Dickish much?

  • Um, I didnt say demand anything but I “want” to see everything they promise in their normal combo platter. Fairness is my point. I read about their combo at the SMP2 entry. It’s suppose to have falafel and waffle fries in it. DUH! And recently someone said it has pita in it too. Not that I care about pita but if it’s suppose to be in it, then it’s only fair that we all get it. I didn’t get any falafel the last time I ordered their combo. If it happens again, FAIL is rightfully in my own opinion.

    Wow, desperately nosey? and illiterate much when you can’t distinguish demand and “normally-packed combo”? I didn’t say they better fill up my platter with a tower of meats.

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    I got the combo from them on Wednesday and it had everything mentioned in SMP2: waffle fries, falafel, a wedge of pita bread, and chickpeas in addition to the usual chicken, lamb, rice and salad. You may want to try them yourself before you start complaining.

  • I just said I did try Steak Truck. Another case of illiterary?

    My first comment said “Again” and I said I had their combo but it’s missing falafel meaning I don’t want to be disappointed again.

    See you got everythign in yours! I didn’t! Rightful grounds for complaining.

  • would you like some whine with that street meat?

  • The wedge of pita bread was not mentioned in SMP2 btw. Everything else was mentioned in SMP2. That why I wasn’t sure if pita was offered until someone recently commented about it. So pita for sure and Falafel in the combowere missing. I got the chick peas and the waffle fries at least.

  • Mamcita, you want to start with me too?
    Don’t hate on my passion for street meats and pawn it off as a whine. Fairness!!!

  • Twitter

    The Paris Hilton of the ‘tinternet.

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    Question answered in the affirmative.

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    I got pita, falafel, chickpeas and curly fries. and a free twitter soda.

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    I’;; see the soda and raise a mad burning case of the liquid shits, and you think streetwhateverthefuck is green?

    Rudy, why do you think they call it twitter?

  • ah f#%& the soda as long as they get the damn combo plate in right order (more important than the carbonated bone-decayer). that’s not asking for too much. that’s paying for what is expected as their normal plate. even if it results in explosive tiolet dwelling. not like i got a discount when ingredients end up missing in my lunch. if there was no pita, no falafel and no waffle fries given to anyone, then i wouldn’t give a rat’s ass.

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    hello. this from steaktruck.
    hello we mention always. if you feel there is something wrong with your order, than we are happy to fix it, as long you as possible way. we try the best to combine between the best price and quantitty and quality. we always recomend to come come as early as possible or before 2 h00 pm , because lot of item sometime does sold out after that time.and to keep serving fresh item withount lost, i cannot bring lot of goods more thanwhat i feel will be sold.
    so plz any is missing something from there order mention to us next day, and we will replace to you.
    thank you.

  • Thank you Steak Truck for commenting on ML. Sorry for coming off horribly. I like your combo plate when I had it! I think it’s def. worth the $6 I paid.

    I was there at 1215pm this past Weds. When I got to my office, I saw no falafel and no pita in my combo and did feel pissed but it isn’t as serious (Don’t mind me. I took my street meats plate too seriously. Then I got fired up today when other MLers started bagging on my criticism). I enjoyed your food overall. Hopefully a complete plate will come my way another time. If not, oh well. Thanks again!

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    Heh. “illiterary”

  • Eh. Illiteracy.
    Illiterary is practically a bushism but you guys haven’t reached that plateau.

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