Alan Colmes, Have You Learned Nothing From Us?

From Lunch’er “Blondie”: “I just passed Profiled Midtown Luncher “Alan Colmes” walking west out of the Fox building on 47th.  First thought, wait…that’s Alan Colmes.  Second thought…I wonder if he’s going to the Evergreen Diner. Turn around, and the man is strolling in to pick up some take out.  I think he needs to check Midtown Lunch more frequently!”

ELECTION DAY PROFILE: Midtown Lunch’er “Alan Colmes”
Quality vs. Company: The loneliness of Midtown Lunch’ing

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  • Oh my gawd! What is going through the mind of Alan Colmes (does he even have a mind)?

    Why would he dare to enter the portal of Evergreen Diner after having been warned and informed?

    Does Alan have no sense of respect? Does Alan not understand the gravity of his sin? Does Alan need an ‘attitude adjustment’?

    I now can fully relate to the premise that “Midtown lunch’ing can be a very lonely place”.

    And I respect that self-imposed loneliness.

    Carry on.

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