Treats Truck Forced to 55th Today

45th Street’s loss is Midtown North’s gain today! The Treats Truck was forced out of its normal Wednesday spot this morning by a movie production, so instead Kim decided to park on 55th btw. Park+Madison. (Thankfully it didn’t effect the Kiwk Meal cart, so I got my farewell lunch!)  You can find the Treats Truck right next to the Papa Perrone Truck until 3:15 this afternoon, and if all goes well it might end up being a regular spot for the Treats Truck… so get out there and support!


  • Excellent. Much better than walking to 45th. Only a few blocks from my office. I just got back from the Treats Truck with a chocolate-walnuts brownie and chocolate chipper with nuts.

    Business must’ve been good today because Kim says she’s considering the 55th location on her weekly schedule. Whoo Hoo!!

  • If Treats Truck makes 55th a permanent location on the weekly schedule, then it will solidify 55th b/t Park & Mad as one of the best Midtown Lunch food cart/truck blocks. 100% Halal & Healthy, Papa Perrone, the hot dog cart and now this. What are some other great Midtown Lunch blocks for carts/trucks (not brick and mortar)?

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