Subway Churros Are Gooooood


A few weeks ago somebody mentioned in the forums that you can often find churros being sold in the subway station on 53rd and Lex. Well last week, I was passing through there during lunchtime and sure enough… churros! 2 for $1, and despite the freezing cold weather they were surprisingly fresh tasting. I got mine around 1:30pm, so they were not warm (obviously) but were surprisingly still soft on the inside. The pushcart usually doesn’t show up until Noon, and they’re are on the subway platform (so you have to pay the fare), but if you’re taking the E or V to or from that station and are lucky enough to spot some churros action, don’t make the mistake of walking by. It’s only $1!

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  • fried dough and sugar plus subway stink = deliciousness.

  • food from the subway served from a rusty blue granny cart…yeah who wouldnt want that.

  • she has tongs so its clean.

  • steve..LOL

    It’s good to know that she has brown bags. I will ask my husband to pick them up..i am too embarrassed to buy them myself.

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    well you can see the plastic wrapping is blocking the food from touching anything but the plastic wrap and the pan it was brought in on… so shes trying at least

  • I miss the churro carts that used to fry and sugar them fresh. Too bad we don’t see those in the city.

    So when do we see a zeppoles cart try to muscle in on her action? ;P

  • I spotted her at 34th St Herald Sq. station last night.

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    I am surprised that you are promoting patronizing an illegal vendor whose food is of questionable health standards. Who knows where the churros were made? In her kitchen? With or without gloves? Why not recommend a brick and mortar bakery or deli which serves excellent churros and possibly other latin pastries (and pays rent!)?

  • teh subway gets pretty cold…i bet shes dropped those tongs a few times!!!!

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    he was passing through and he picked up a dollar’s worth because someone recommended to try it and then he wrote about it… i think thats what he does?

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    There is almost always someone selling churros on the L platform at 14th and 6th during evening rush hour. Yet to try them though.

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    Also at 59th and Lex station – was there at 5pm last night….

  • They’re at 14th and 8th a lot, but you need Mexican hot chocolate to really enjoy a churro.

  • i bought one from the lady at the Canal Street Station.

    if it were warm… it would have been phenomenal but yes it was still tasty. I think i have eaten worse though

  • I see two different ladies frequently selling churros at the Atlantic Avenue station in Brooklyn. Last week I even saw a man join the ranks selling churros.

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    Get a grip NYCguy – I don’t think the broken english speaking churros woman will be putting you out of business anytime soon.

    Unlike typical panhandlers, at least they don’t bother you and even offer you something in return for your donation.

    Baja Fresh makes decent churros to order, but I find that even though they are crispy on the outside, they are usually a bit too chewy for my taste.

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    @joer — I am not a business owner, just someone who DOES NOT want to support illegal activity and who DOES want to support our sagging economy by patronizing brick and mortar stores (usually small businesses) that need to pay the rent every month.

  • NYCguy, you paid for every single song on your ipod?

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    if it’s the same lady, she’s at grand central in that corridor leading you from the 4/5/6 to the 7. usually around 5:30pm!

  • There’s a guy that sells ‘em on the B-D station in Bryant Park.. 2 for a buck, cold but still delicious and moderately fresh!!

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