Midtown Links (The “Fish Sandwich” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Food in Mouth

  • The fish sandwich from Mike’s Deli on 32nd is just ok, but the fries are good [Food in Mouth]
  • Reuters & MSNBC have the grossest cafeterias [Daily Intel]
  • Want to run the bar at Momofuku Midtown? [Eater]
  • Finally somebody thinks to talk to some old school street vendors! [Salon]
  • A new kosher spot has opened on 44th Street [Andrew Strong]
  • Dave Cook takes the 93 plates guy to Mad for Chicken [Eating in Translation]
  • Midtown as seen through an iPhone [Sakura Pop]

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  • WTF???

    I, for one, love fish sandwiches.

    Hell, I’ve even been spotted eating a McD’s fish sandwich now and then, but what is the frickin’ problem with New Yawk City people?

    Why do they dump your sandwich and your chips into an aluminum pie plate, and then slop ketchup all over it? Why do they serve your food to you like you are a dog or a cat?

    Don’t you people know how to separate your food, to eat your food, to enjoy your food, like civilized, educated human beings?


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