Cravings Says It’s Ok to Pre-Order Your Fishcake

Mindful of the fact that nobody likes standing out in the freezing cold waiting for their lunch, the NYC Cravings Truck has told customers that if you want tianbula you can come up to the window and let them know before you get on line. Unlike the chicken and pork chops, which are made in a steady stream, the fishcakes are made to order. So letting them know before you get on line means a shorter wait when you get to the front. Thanks Cravings! The truck will be in Midtown today on 53rd btw. Park+Lex.

NYC Cravings Truck is Not Just Taiwanese Fried Chicken Anymore


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    their food is good but when they park on 24th… my god! its like the coldest area ever… its close enough to the corner so you get the cross breeze from park ave as well as the breeze caused by the two tall buildings on either side of 24th which also block out the sun so making it even colder… the coldest wait outside for food i have ever endured

    …still worth it

  • What’s this about slow bsiness in the cold? Cravings Truck had 25 people in lane at 11:45. I passed on that madness and headed over to El Rey Del Sabor on 49th and 3rd. Had the tongue hurache, which was phenomenal, plus a tamale to counteract the heat. I’m so full right now.

  • I waited 15 mins for Cravings today. Some dude was holding up the whole line ordering like a bunch of plates (maybe from his office/ group). BooOOOo! I’m enjoying the porken now. I almost had the misfortune of a missing tea egg but I took a quick look to make sure, turned around and the guy added 2 eggs for me. Nice and thanks! Otherwise, I’d be pissed paying the extra dollar and getting nothing from it. ;P $8 well spent today.

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