MomoMidtown Adds a Few New Lunch Items

The pop up branch of Ma Peche located in the mezzanine of the Chambers Hotel (aka Momofuku Midtown) has made a few changes to their lunch menu.  The $10 Midtown Lunch specials remain untouched, but they’ve replaced with the fennel salad with a satur farm lettuce/leeks number topped with a poached egg ($14).  And they are also starting to randomly offer items from the dinner menu during lunch service as specials. Yesterday, you could have gotten the dinnertime pork ribs ($16) or the fried brussels sprouts dish (that is just like the ssam bar dish minus the puffed rice.)  Now all this stuff is completely outside of the ML price range, and you know I never spend more than $10 for lunch. But let’s say I happened to forget that rule on one particular day… and maybe ended up trying a bunch all of those new dishes… and then posted about it… that post would probably say that everything I ate was delicious.

Your First Look at Ma Peche’s “Midtown Lunch” Specials


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    I tried the Pork Ribs last Tuesday when they had it as a special. I don’t know how they cooked it, but the actual bone of the ribs were very crumbly. When eating ribs I usually take a pretty big bite, till I hit bone, then try to trip the meat off the bone. When I tried this with the ribs at ma peche, I actually bit through the bone…it was really odd. The meat was tender, but not as succulent as some I’ve had before. The flavor/glaze is decent, but not mind blowing. I would say that the other lunch options are better. The rice noodles were good, and I really enjoyed the terrine bahn mi.

  • Flank, that doesn’t sound so appetizing as I like sucking out juice off the bone..hehe.
    maybe they use a pressure cooker and cooked them too long.

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    Satur farms with a capital “S” thank you very much.

  • I thought the ribs were great… but I know what you mean. Not all the ribs are one giant bone going through the middle. They almost break apart into pieces. I was a fan. (Although I don’t know if they’re worth $16)

  • My buddy seemed to enjoy the ribs. I’d say the best on the menu is the rice noodles dish.. and the calamari salad is quite refreshing.. plus a soda to wash it all down at $10 seems to add to the enjoyment. Oh definitely pile one of the peanut butter cookies ontop of whatever you order. (yeah, break the bank kids!) ;P

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