Queens Based Herb International Soup Factory Opens Cart on Park Ave.


Got this message from Lunch’er “Michael” the other day: “A new cart opened on 53red and Park. Its an “international soup” and “halal” cart that offer 9 soups daily plus a special. 12oz = $4.50, 16oz = 5.50 32oz = 9.50. The guy running it was very nice and generous with the samples.” Turns out the cart is from a newish soup restaurant in College Point Queens called the Herb International Soup Factory. It’s got great reviews on Chow and Chowhound, and like Michael said they’re willing to give you a sample of any of the soups. I tried a taste of the pumpkin soup yesterday, which was really tasty and more of a savory squash soup than the sweet orange goop you’d expect. Super interesting, and a great change of pace from the red signed Hot Soup carts that have come to dominate the Midtown soup scene. It’s parked on the NW corner of 53rd & Park (where the Mexican burrito cart used to be.)


  • wow, this cart is right infront of my office building.
    I am not a big fan of non asian soups but I should def give them a try.

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    Do the soups change every day? Is there any way to find out what they have?

  • I walked past this the other day and was intrigued. It looks like a smoothie cart, so I sort of ignored it.

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    Intrigued and ignored? Hmmmm

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    This same (or identical version of the cart) is now on 44th near 2nd ave between 1st and 2nd. It’s 50 cents cheaper than the park avenue version and has the same soup selections.

    I ordered #2 the beef shank after tasting the #1 Lamb Lentil which seemed bland. Where’s the BEEF? I got a cup full of broth and barley with two fatty chunks, no meat no veggies. I did get a whole wheat roll though.

    I think I’ll pass in the future. I wanted this to be so good, but it’s not.

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