Midtown Links (The “What Did I Miss Last Week?” Edition)

Yakitori Totto Lunch Special. Photo by Food in Mouth

  • Danny enjoys a quiet lunch at Yakitori Totto [Food in Mouth]
  • Courtney Cox & David Arquette are planning some sort of NYC street food sit com? [Eater]
  • Looking for a Midtown meat splurge? Get the mutton chop at Keen’s [Me So Hungry]
  • Sometimes, Joe the Art of Coffee sells Tumbador ring dings [Blondie and Brownie]
  • Nino’s makes some amazing Italian sandwiches [NYC Foodie]
  • Chiyoda serves a good bowl of Tokyo style soba [Ramen and Friends]
  • The NYC Cravings Truck was originally going to be a giant panda [Taiwanese American]
  • James tackles the Go Go Curry Grand Slam [The Eaten Path]
  • The roast pork to noodle ratio in Kar Won’s soups is amazing [Eating in Translation]
  • Minar makes a great version of chana bhatura [Blondie and Brownie]
  • The donburi bowl at Cafe Zaiya is not worth getting again [Tasty Eating]


  • I finally got to try the Go Go Curry’s Grand slam last week. Both the curry sauce and the meats were extremely delicious. It reminded me of curry chains in Japan. Really really good. I was really really satisfied. Yes, I had the whole Grand slam all by myself!!!

  • Joe had the Tumbador Li’l Devils again this morning, I spied them with my own eyes! Thank God my resolutions involve “eating more things”

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