Naya Express, Holey Cream & Baoguette Are All Open

Every year it seems as if a bunch of places open right around X-Mas, and this year is turning out to be no exception.  We’re hearing that Naya Express (on 3rd btw. 44+45th) and Holey Cream (on 9th and 53rd) are both open.  And for Downtown Lunch’ers it looks like Baoguette has finally opened their FiDi location.


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    I had Naya Express takeout yesterday (a falafel bowl). It was a generous size for the price. The vermicelli rice was buttery and yummy and I liked the pickles and parsley topping. But (dare I say it) I like the falafel at Crisp better! It is lighter and crisper. Naya’s (which insisted, sweetly, on making fresh for me) were a bit heavy and dense.

  • Baoguette (Maiden Lane) is open.
    Delivery is available for orders of $20 or more.
    Very easy to navigate order screen.
    Order was delivered in 20 minutes.
    Veggie baoguette and summer roll were excellent.
    Baguette was fresh, crispy. Plenty of “meat” and veggies in the sandwich. Spiciness can be adjusted on the order screen of their web site. We asked for a side of Sriracha.
    Office mate had the classic baoguette with pork, which was also plentiful and quite rare.

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