OBAO’s Bun Bo Hue Looks A Little More Like Bun Bo Hue

The original Bun Bo Hue being served at OBAO

We never really got to the bottom of the whole bun bo hue thing at OBAO (on 53rd btw. 2+3rd). Sure they offered free spring rolls for awhile to anybody who would return and try the soup, but they never quite explained what happened. Were they serving pho by accident? Or were they just serving a terrible version? (Disclaimer: It tasted great to me, it just bore no resemblance to bun bo hue.) Who knows, and we probably never will… but according to this report from Lunch’er “Monstermooch” there is one thing that is certain, they are serving a different soup than the one I was served on opening week.

“Not sure if u ever went back to check out the bun bo hue after hyunh said he revamped it, but see the attached for a picture of what I got when I got it delivered yesterday. Definitely not pho, definitely signs of pig’s feet and beef shin, and slightly spicy lemongrassy taste. Can’t vouch for authenticity, but I can vouch that it’s different from their pho!”

Check out her photo after the jump…


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