Havana Central Offers $10 Lunch Special

Wined and Dined posts details of a new $10 lunch special at Havana Central (on 46th btw. 6+7th). It’s a good deal for a sit down lunch, but it will be tough to drag me away from Margon (which is right across the street.)


  • This is not the appropriate spot for my comment, but in any event — Naya Express, a new Lebanese joint that is opening right next to the new 5 Guys on 44th & 3rd, has posted a menu on their door although they aren’t open yet.
    To me it looks pretty good, but a bit pricey for “fast” food. However, they do have lahm b’ajin, one of my favorite meals.
    Anyone try the parent spot, Naya? How is it?

  • Hold your comments on the Naya thing… going to post their menu today. Comment there instead :-)

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    Went to Havana Central with a friend in Times Sq. Waitress said she had no clue what we were talking about and its probably the west end ave location. We left!

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