Midtown Scores Some of NYC’s 50 Tastiest Soups

This week’s issue of New York Magazine tackles the timely issue of “Best Soups in New York” naming what they think are the city’s 50 tastiest. A few soups were mentioned that would be worthy of Midtown Lunch’ing, including the sul long tang from Gahm Mi Oak, the tan tan ramen from Men Kui Tei (I guess I chose wrong last week), and the kharcho from Taam Tov. And a bunch more were mentioned if you don’t mind splurging or going a few blocks out of bounds… like the chicken soup from Ma Peche, the Alsatian beer soup in the Bar Room at the Modern, the oyster pan roast at the Grand Central Oyster Bar, and the hot yogurt soup from Sip Sak. Check out the complete list here>>


  • wow, i love articles like this. No drama, just simple straight to point easy to read articles.
    I can’t wait until i try the tan tan ramen!

  • Wow that sounds delicious! mummm bone marrow…

    “”Onion and Bone Marrow Soup
    The Breslin Bar & Dining Room
    Realizing, perhaps, that a good part of a French onion soup’s appeal lies in the crouton, April Bloomfield, in crazy-genius mode, has tinkered with the toast. Instead of gobbing it with cheese and placing it under the broiler, she fries the bread in what essentially is—and cardiac patients can stop reading now—a whipped bone-marrow butter”"

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    I prefer the Tantan men from the Men Kui Tei downtown around St. Marks Place as opposed to their midtown location.

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