Is “Revamping” The Dutch Word For “Not Paying Rent”


At the beginning of the month we reported that Danku, the Dutch/Indonesian fast food craziness on 57th btw. 5+6th, was closing to revamp their menu and concept. Not so says Lunch’er Ben, who forwarded along this photo and email:

Hey Zach, Long time reader and Danku hater here. I walked by Danku this morning and there were forms taped to the door. Upon inspection it turns out they are eviction notices for non-payment of rent. Hallelujah! Not only were they total shit merchants, but also liars (Remodeling and reopening in February??Right.) Anyway, our long midtown lunch nightmare is over. I’m counting the days till Baja Fresh rolls in. -Ben

I don’t take joy in watching anybody lose their business, and clearly Danku could still end up resolving their issues and reopening (we’ve seen Old Bridge Deli do it time and time again.) But it’s not looking good. And maybe a Baja Fresh would be nice… but you know what would be nicer? A fast food restaurant that serves *good* Indonesian food. Come on Danku, make it happen!

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  • Baja Fresh? Boo! Put in In N Out in Midtown already. lol.

  • My God, Zach. Why do you have such a persistent hard-on for Danku? Give it up already! There are lots of other cuisines, chains, and food concepts that would be far preferable to fried logs of baby poop.

  • Danku is clearly the “Rudy” of the restaurant world. People like to root for the underdog no matter what its handicap.

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