Danku Goes Back to the Drawing Board


Lunch’er Sean sends in this (not surprising) news about Danku, the Dutch/Indonesian fast food chain on 57th and 5+6th: “I walked past Danku over the weekend and noticed that they were papered up and had a sign saying that they were renovating and revamping their menu for a Feb. 2010 reopening. I know everyone (including myself) found their food to be somewhat underwhelming, but it’s still nice to have a range of options in the area. Here’s hoping that the improvements are for the best!” Indeed. I’m a huge fan of Indonesian food, and was always hoping that Danku would find a way to make it work. I guess we’ll see what kind of changes they make…

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    “We were negotiating with the landlord – had positive meetings – he asked us for additional info and told us he would give us an answer to our proposal,
    as we wanted to redesign and spend a lot of money for a new concept in the space- and the next thing we know we receive this notice.
    We gave him rent in Nov – when we met at his lawyers- this is all a bad faith effort from the landlord- what else is new?.”

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