Winter Makes the Shake Shack a More Do-Able Midtown Lunch

It’s really cold out… which means it’s winter… which means the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park is now taking phone orders (212-889-6600)… which means now you easily make it down there and back to work in under an hour… but it’s only through 2/28. Thanks to the Feed Blog for pointing out this great news.


  • Dang. I just went to Shake Shack for lunch. Lines are super short lately. I think only 10 people when I got there. Wait after the order was about 15mins though. Shack Stack with the deep fried cheese mushroom patty on the burger. My hands are freezing. My pores oozing with grease, but it is flavorful.

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    I went there and had a zero person line one day last year. I huddled under the non-working heat lamps on literally the coldest day of the year, totally under-hatted and under-gloved, thin jacket, just really painfully cold, eating a shake shack burger and being really psyched I didn’t have to wait on line. Pathetic.

    I was also doing some intense visualization of the heat lamps being on. Didn’t help.

    Good burger, though.

  • I went today to Mad. Sq. Park location finally for lunch via Subway from Midtown. The line was very short and the wait for food was less than 15 mins. Not bad at all, thanks to the cold weather. I stood near the heaters as I waited.

    I ordered a Shack Stack, Fries, and Chocolate Milkshake for 16.75 (Above the under 10 Midtown Lunch status but I wanted to fatten up today.) Only the Burger would qualify as ML Lunch then, or a Double ShackBurger with fries ($10).

    The shake was good (too bad I drank it all on the way back – dessert first!), the fries were okay (crunchy crinkle-cut and not too salty) and burger was decent (enjoyed eating it at my desk) but not nearly as solid for me as their Double ShakeBurger IMO (I guess I needs more meat!!).

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