I Should Have Eaten General Tso’s Today!

For those keeping score, one year ago today the “Midtown Lunch Buffet Team” went from one member to two. Kind of pissed I didn’t eat some crappy Chinese food on 10th Ave. to celebrate.


  • It’s only 3:17, git yo butt out there and have a second lunch. I know you can do it, I believe in the power of your gut :-P

  • holy cow, that little guy is 1 now?!

  • happy bday harry, drinks are on me.

  • He is only turning 1? wow, i thought he was older than that. he is a big boy. congrats!

  • It’s never too late to start. Isn’t he on solid foods by now? Can Harry be potentially be eating some General’s with you later today as well?

  • mghu, he sure is. aint nothing cuter than a baby nomnomnom’ing away at food (until it gets in the hair, clothes, ground into the carpet or couch, etc).

  • This brought a huge smile to my face. Harry is the most awesome baby I’ve yet to meet!

    *pinch the cheeks*

  • Harry is without a doubt the most handsome of the team. And Harry’s mother was VERY wise in protecting him from all of those ‘bright lights’.

    Happy B-day, Harry.

  • Happy B-day lil guy.

  • Alright, go order a LARGE general tso’s and a LARGE pork fried rice for dinner.

  • @Adam: So true. My nephew is the bees knees of cuteness when it comes to eating . . . at first. But the little dude just can’t keep it down sometimes. Nothing’s worse/funnier than a loaded baby and projectile baby spit.

  • Zach – this is an epic fail because the lunching options at Roosevelt Hospital where Harry was obviously born are great but you hit up some crappy chinese buffet.
    The day my daughter was born at Roosevelt, I picked up some Pam Real Thai for lunch and Azuri falafel for dinner. It was the best day of my life.

  • *Sigh* DDR, after 3+ years I would have thought you knew me better than that.

    I actually live in Hell’s Kitchen, so Pam Real Thai and Azuri Cafe are regular weekend lunches for us. General Tso’s on the other hand is a “when my wife is not around” kind of treat. So, after being up all night (son’s birth and all) I felt like I was entitled to a gross, guilty pleasure. I stopped at the first Chinese place between the hospital and my apartment! Is that so wrong?

  • I don’t see anything wrong with pigging out to american-chinese food once in a while. I had some general tso’s last night. Ate it cold with white rice and still tasty enough.

  • Zach – touché. I withdraw my FAIL with grace.

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