Another Truck Fire Leaves Papa Perrone Burned

Papa Perrone just can’t catch a break.  The popular Italian food truck (which parks on 55th btw. Mad+Park) has been having loads of oven problems over the past few months, and yesterday the Papa himself ended up getting burned.  From owner Jon Paul: “We had a fire on our truck and I got burned pretty good.  Went to relight the oven and there was gas still in the oven.  It came out like a fire ball and burnt my face.  The doctor gave me some cream, and I am gonna follow up with a burn specialist just to be safe.  Looks like it will be okay.  Hope to be back by Tuesday, but I am trying to get somebody to work the truck tomorrow.”  This comes just two weeks after a fire broke out on the Schnitzel Truck, but luckily nobody was hurt in that one.  Glad to hear Papa Perrone is ok, and hope to see him back on the street soon.  Follow his twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker for more updates.


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