WaPo Reports on the “Mayhem” of the Street Food Scene

Today’s Washington Post has an incredibly interesting article on how difficult it’s been for new street vendors are having in places like Virginia, D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco. It’s refreshing to see an article this balanced and well researched, a stark contrast to most of the recent puff pieces that make street vending out to be the next cash cow for restaurant entrepreneurs. It talks about the different rules vendors face in different cities, and also reports on some solutions that are being suggested in places like San Francisco.  Even though the article doesn’t really cover New York City, the issues (and the final line of the article) are relevant to us.  “Right now it’s mayhem. If this food truck thing blows up even more, it could get really messy.” [via @biggayicecream]

News Flash: New Street Vendors Are Finding It Difficult to Make Money
Prediction: New Carts & Trucks Are About to See Some Serious Backlash


  • Project mayhem commences!

  • In reference to the WaPo’s report, just keep the ‘carts’ in DC and Virginia. ‘Food carts’ would never, I repeat NEVER, be allowed in Columbia, Maryland, fortunately.

    I noticed that a number of the WaPo’s readers expressed their rather colorful opinions about ‘street food’ and its inherent health dangers.

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    Really reaching out-of-bounds for content.

    Here I thought the run-of-the-mill parm hero from a run-of-the-mill pizzeria was stretching.

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