Olympic Pita Returns to Midtown!

It looks like that arrow needs to be reversed

Lunch’er Jeremy checks in with some interesting news.  Less than six months after changing owners, Baraca (on 38th btw. 5+6th) has reverted back to Olympic Pita. Not a huge deal considering I always thought the take out lunch food tasted the same (even under the new owners), but Jeremy goes on to drop this bombshell:  “They also told me starting next week they will be will having lunch specials (if I heard her correctly, $9.95 for schwarma pita and a soup.)”  Now that’s a deal!  We’ll keep an eye on this one as it develops.

Thank You Baraca For Not Changing Too Much About Olympic Pita
Olympic Pita Wins Me Over With Laffa & French Fries


  • as long as the falafel laffa with fries stays under $8, i could care less.

    mmm. falafel laffa

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    Can’t believe these guys are still open-
    one of the worst places I have every tried- dirty. oily and all the workers had bad attitudes- I hope this means they are cleaning up there act with new ownership and not just scamming us to forget how awful Baraca was.

  • went today, no change in food/prices, but name is now olympic.

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